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SEMA with Mishimoto Collaboration


While I was struggling through spring and summer to keep up with demand, I knew that all this buzz had to carry over into a broader range of industries.  The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show held in Las Vegas would be the perfect stage to solidify the buzz.  There was no question that I wanted to share this stage with no other than the automotive juggernaut, Mishimoto.  Why, you might ask?  The answer is rather simple but maybe unknown to many.  I have had a long history and great relationship working with Mishimoto over the years in the motorsports and racing industries.  Being a veteran attendee of the SEMA show since 1998, I convinced Mishimoto to allow me to build two display helmets for its booth space. I promised a huge buzz surrounding the build because there has been nothing like it, at this show or ever!  It was an overwhelming success to say the least, and the demand and buzz got even bigger.