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Winter Clay


It’s been about a year since the original and famed helmet took the internet by storm, and the buzz and demand are still strong. People are watching for what I will make next, requests are pouring in, and PPE companies are taking note of what I’ve been posting.  It was time to take my ideas from paper and turn them into a 3-dimensional object.  Dead of winter in a new but unfinished facility with minimal creature comforts makes using frozen clay difficult. No problem! Space heater and coffee sped up the process.  Nothing slowed down my creative process, and the concepts were coming to life.

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Scanning and 3D-Printed Prototypes



Technology! 3D scanners, 3D printers, 3D prototypes!  Mishimoto uses the latest technology for rapid prototyping, so naturally Arkane will be at the forefront of this new tech to keep up with the creative ideas pouring out of my head. I’m able to make a sketch, sculpt the concept in clay, scan the concept into CAD software, and 3D print the concept in the real world.  This process cuts my concept-to-creation time down to days instead of weeks.  I can research and develop parts in the environment immediately, identifying issues well before anything is in production.